a cure for musty smelling records

A few months ago I was given about a hundred records from a friend of mine. When he told me about his collection, he told me that I could have them, but I had to take them all. They were stored in the garage of a house that he owned. We weren’t able to meet up in his hometown but he taking a trip into the city and he said that he could drop them off to me. We made the arrangements and I got the records. There some awesome titles, great LP’s in the genres that I love, problem is….they were moldy, wet and the covers were trashed. Only a small fraction of the LP covers were salvageable, the rest had to be tossed. The thing is that the records were still in great shape. They had little wear and they weren’t warped, so, what to do? First I sat on my front porch with some microfiber clothes and cleaner, cleaning each record and tossing the cover. After that long process I ordered some inner sleeves to protect these “lost souls”. I left them out to get some air, but the moldy, musty smell was not going away. So….I was at the local thrift shops and I saw that they had stacks of these Reader’s Digest box sets. Not collectible, but plentiful, plus they have these great, heavy, lined inner sleeves. So, I picked up a set, tossed the records inside and placed my musty records in the sleeves  back in the box and set them aside. A week or so later I opened the box, pulled out a record and I couldn’t believe it….the smell was gone! Completely gone. All of the LP’s outside of the lined sleeves and boxes still smelled bad. I am not sure why or how this worked, but it did. I have most of the records that I got from my friend in these old box sets now and they smell fine now. So, if you have some records that smell like a damp basement or garage, you need to try this. It worked for me, so hopefully it will work for you too.

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