Afternoon of Eno

I found a nice collection of early Brian Eno this afternoon, along with a few rare pysch and garage records. Prior to this I only had a few Eno records and his Roxy Music work. I’m still on the look out for Music for Airports.


This album may look familiar to those enjoying the work of Stephan Malkmus and Pavement in the 90’s, it appears they used the Ambergris? album for a notebook and then cover for their Watery, Domestic album. I’m not sure if the music had any influence, it is 70’s latin funk. There are a few pretty good tracks, like Play on Player and Chocolete Pudding, which I may need to listen to a few times to allow them to grow on me.


The Shaggs (Wink) is a extremely rare garage band from Notre Dame, the album was released in 1967. The majority of the record is comprised of covers (bands like The Who, Them and The Stones). The version of “If I Was a Carpenter” is pretty interesting, and there are few orginial numbers. For the most part it is an high energy album which lives up to some of the 60’s garage classics.


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