Be Boppin – Westfield, NY

Bot­tom Line: Make a Trip
Price: 5/5
Selec­tion: 4/5
Atmos­phere: 5/5

BeBoppin4This is not your typical record store, it a cross between an antique store, junk store, record shop and your coolest friends house. John has amassed a massive amount of records and is willing to part with most of them. Listen to our conversation with owner John Stratton on The Single v. 15.

When you walk in the door of the big old house, there is a jukebox on the right and knickknacks piled everywhere, or what he calls “memories”. Sometimes there are a few crates of records at the base of the stairs or in the room to the left with the cash register and wood burning fireplace he uses to heat the first floor in the winter. The walls are filled with rock posters and framed album covers of people like Arthur Lee, Moondog, Jon Spencer, Mississippi Fred McDowell and Man or Astroman. The majority of the first floor includes a sporadic but interesting curation of vintage artifacts. A first time visitor may stop after a walking through a few rooms on the ground floor, and be happy to flip through a 100 or so records in boxes lying around. Don’t make that mistake!

 BeBoppin3  BeBoppin7

Ask John if you can go downstairs or upstairs to check out the records. As long as your are not an asshole, he will say yes and turn on the lights and give you a tour. The basement is filled with racks and shelves of LPs and 45s. Most of the records are organized by genre, but you never know what you might find.


Once you finished in the basement, take a walk up to the second floor and dig the 2-3 rooms of wall-to-wall vinyl. Prices are always fair, but don’t start flipping shit online or you won’t be allowed back in the door. This store is worth the trip. Tell John, you found him on Hoolu and Wayne from Vinylminers sent you.


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