Bluegrass Haul

I picked up a nice lot of bluegrass and a few jazz records. Bluegrass has been one of my favorite styles of music, when I was growing up my great grandfather would play the banjo and my uncle would play fiddle at family functions. Most of the time they would play traditional bluegrass songs. When live music was not being played, my grandmother would constantly have bluegrass playing around the house. The music is very nastalgic to me. Beyond my sentamental connection to bluegrass, I appreicate the authenticity of the music. At one point I had more Doc Watson lps, but I got ride of several along the way. Recently I have been regretting the decision to trim them from my colllection. As you can see, this collection was full of several good Watson albums.

I’m excited to listen to the Ralph Stanley and Stanley Brothers albums, along with Don Stover. I’ve made it a point to pick up anything I see on Rounder Records, it is a great bluegrass label.

The Jimmy Smith on Blue Note was a great surprise.


This album looks interesting, it is post-punk gospel? I’m not sure if it gospel in style or name only.
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