Father’s Day Weekend Yard Sale and Junk Shop Finds & Top Secret Dig Part III

Got to check out a ton of yard sales. Only found five records at one sale and that’s it for the yard sales…here’s what I found. The Walt Disney “The Story of Davy Crockett” looks to be a Canadian import. It is still sealed! The “We Are The World” single is still sealed as well. All of these records are in fantastic shape.


Next, I headed over to my top secret dig site and found this cool (which I think to be second pressing) of the Yardbird’s “Roger The Engineer”. This find was my father’s day gift!


Made it to a local junk shop and found these last five LPs along with a stack of 17 45s. Most of the 45s are promo copies that are in excellent shape and worth more than what I paid for them. Here are the LPs that I found.


The yard sales were a little dissappointing but the day finished off well. It’s been a great Father’s Day weekend and I am so glad to be a dad and a vinyl junkie!

Happy Father’s Day and Happy Digging!



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  1. I had a sinking feeling when I saw the Yardbirds it was from a secret site. You don’t see Yardbirds at yardsales, unless it is 1999.

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