Gallery of Sound – Wilkes-Barre, PA


Bottom Line: Stop if Near By

Price: 4/5
Selection: 2/5
Atmosphere: 3/5


The Gallery of Sound is a throw back, and I’ll bet legacy, independent music store, located in Wilkes-Barre PA. It is a classic “mall” music store with CD’s, DVD’s, records and various band merchandise. When you walk in it feels fairly large and spacious. I would guess at some point the record inventory was completely wiped out, but is now back. The Gallery has a couple rows of used records, I would guess between 3000 – 5000, mainly in the rock genre. It would be easy to flip through all the used LPs in 30 minutes. The selection was a bit common, but the prices were very reasonable. I’m guessing they get better stuff and it disappears quickly. They also had a few hundred new LPs, and I found the best stuff in the discounted new record bin, which contained dead stock from previous record store days.


I took a chance on Tom Rush’s fourth album Circle Game and Bob Seger’s Seventh album Seven. I’m not a huge fan of either artists, but the hoped the Seger album was far enough away from Night Moves and Against the Wind and the Rush was early enough to contain interesting folk rock. I also picked up a new reissue of The Soft Boys – Can of Bees for $11. Can’t beat that.

Overall, I would go back to the Gallery of Sound if I lived near by, or was driving past the exit (located 2 minutes off Interstate 81), but would not go too far out of my way to visit the shop.


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