Hot Buttered Soul YouTube Show

Over the past 24 hours, I stumbled across  Hot Buttered Soul Music Archaeology youtube channel, (the tip came from @diggin4records) and I promptly buzzed through 27 episodes.  I really enjoy the head bobbin’ duo of B-boys Chris and Brad and love the format. We may need to adopt a shelter for our show. They keep the show tight, and provide great insight into power packed beats. Breaks, heavy beat jazz and kick ass horns are tracks I appreciate, but rarely seek out. I’m not a DJ, but can certainly get into a funky-soul they are spinning. I often found myself doin’ a little soft head bob while listening to the show. Many of the tracks remind me of Cut Chemist (by the way I picked up the Shadow – Cut Chemist Brainfreeze on VHS when it dropped), heavy horns, thundering drums and catchy grooves. The show is definitely worth watching, and you will get a solid break beat education. Check out this show with DJ Format which highlights some great drum cuts.


And the interview with John Schroeder about discovering and producing Cymande is off the charts.



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