John Johnston: F**K CDs and Trailer Life Records

Trailer Life Records Releases

TLR 001 – Last Man Standing – “Fall” / Buckshot – “The Farmer”
TLR 002 – ???
TLR 003 – Porn Flakes – “Coffee” / Cloaca “Diggin’ In That Bag” – Released February 1993
TLR 004 – The Paper Tulips – “My Room’s A Mess” – published in cooperation with Flipside Records
TLR 005 – Pat Bova – “Wasting My Time”/”Stompin’g In The Trailer” – Placid Blonde Bull Box Set  – Yellow wax
TLR 006 – Paul Gull – “Cried In Vain”/”Goodbye Hell” – Placid Blonde Bull Box Set – bright red wax
TLR 007 – Bullet For Fidel – “(It’s Not Like)Where I’m From”/”Dino(Black Shoes Walk” – Placid Blonde Bull Box Set – dark red wax
TLR 008 – ???
TLR 009 – Unemployment Rock – Compilation CD TLR 010 – ???
TLR 011 – ???
TLR 012 – Go Dog Go – “A Piece Of Me/Kindling” / “Insulation” -33 rpm TLR ??? – Porn Flakes – “Business” & “Asshole”/”Chris Pfister” – Released August 1994 TLR ??? – Porn Flakes – “Ain’t This The Life”/”Transmission-Nutrition” & “ABC Alcoholics” – Released February 1996    

After “Trailer Life Records” was put out to pasture, John released a 7″ of his band, “L.E.D. Pop! Exchange” under the Methopop Record label.

Methopop Records 001 – L.E.D. Pop! Exchange – Side A – “Battery”, “Lilting” & “Ask A Singer” – Side B – “Cobra Friends”

John’s latest musical projects available on vinyl. Basement Transmissions Records BTR 103 – This American Song – “The Gray Is Darker” – Released 2013 Basement Transmissions Records BTR 101 – Johnny James And The Absolutes – “6 Songs” – Released 2011 – John left JJA after the release of this LP  

Buckshot was also signed to Spank Records

SPANK 03 – Buckshot – “Spitting Up”/”Grease Fire” – deep red wax
SPANK 04 – Buckshot – “Throw Down” & “Gold Digger” / “Burn Mark” & “Allergic To The Law”

John’s Recollections on the band, “Go Dog Go” – “Go Dog Go was a weird band. The 7″ is very early stuff and that singer quit about a year or so in” On “Placid Blonde Bull” – “That was a special release. Although it is also the second release that I lost money on (I lost a lot…they did not sell at all). Although it got a full page review in Magnet magazine. After that review I was sure I was going to sell some copies.” On his band, “L.E.D. Pop! Exchange” and the recording that never got released – “We recorded in a 24 track, 2” analog tape studio. Never released. Broke up. Our drummer was this long hair named “Spike”. He quit L.E.D. to join “Lonestar”, a country cover band. He was a nice guy but had no clue what we were trying to do. That is some of my favorite stuff that I’ve ever done. It was the first and only time I worked with a real engineer (not just local guys)…Guided By Voices and lots of others recorded there. Very spacey pop. Lots of feedback and vintage keyboards. We were super well rehearsed, took us two trips there. We were paying by the hour, but the guys (Scott, Chris and Kevin) were so nice and supportive considering they worked with big bands. We used to gig around with their bands (The All Golden and Witch Hazel Sound). They loved Gina. They thought she was a “voice of the generation.” The comparison they threw out, that is one of the biggest compliments musically that I’ve ever received…Spaceman 3 meets Young Marble Giants. I was beaming for weeks. Good times.”


This American Song (bandcamp)
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Pornflakes Website

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