Metal and a Jazz

I picked up a few records at the sales around town today. My jazz collection is slowly growing, it is a genre which I don’t really know too much beyond the iconic artists (miles, coltrane, monk, parker) and ground breaking albums (birth of cool, blue train, time out…). Jazz records are typically expensive as well, which makes it more difficult to take a risk on something you are unsure about. The Coltrane was a “no-brainer” – classic artist and classic album. It is an early reissue mono pressing. I hope to expand my Jazz horizons over the next year or so.


I have been on the hunt for a reasonably price Randy California for about a year, and have passed up this ablum for over $20 a couple times. Randy played in the band Spirit and the song Devil on this album is excellent.


My metal album collection is slimmer than my jazz. Many of my friends are big metal heads and while I appreciate the style, I typically don’t actively seek it out. Metal is also pretty dificult to find. These are on the more obscure side of metal. The Sanctuary album is produced by Dave Mustaine from Megadeath. After a little digging, I found out this band was from Seattle and toured with Megadeath for a while.

The Obession album is probably my favorite from this lot. The speed guitar work is sweet. The Budgie is an average album from a classic band, they are often cited as laying the foundation for metal. This albums comes after a string of great albums and does not live up to the previous five.

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