Monster Music & Movies – Charleston, SC

MonsterMusic- Charleston-01

Monster Music is a legacy remaining from an era of large music and film department stores. They do a good job of making it feel like (and maybe it is) a small independent shop. The store carries a large selection of new and used vinyl, along with CD’s and DVD’s.
MonsterMusic- Charleston-03
The environment is spacious and records are organized into various categories. The used stock had plenty of quality records, but the prices were fair (or a little on the high side for me), so I only looked for records I knew I wanted to purchase – and had a price in mind I was willing to pay. Unfortunately, I did not find anything that fit those criteria.

MonsterMusic- Charleston-04
The shop has a listening station (need to provide ID to get the needle), so I tested out a few albums that appeared to be interesting, but didn’t find any I could not live without.

I’ll stop back in the store when I visit Charleston again.

MonsterMusic- Charleston-05

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