New Vinyl Finds

I dug up a lot of vinyl this weekend, probably over 40 records….but I don’t have time to post at the moment. I will work on posting soon. For now, check out this site….


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  1. I really like this site, the label breakdown is great and really appreciate the cover collection. I was going to comment on the difficulty in publishing prices on a static site like this because the market changes so much, then I read the About Price page and really enjoyed the breakdown and philosophy ( As an example, I have a VG++ Gil Scott Heron 1st press of Winter in America which is listed on VinylBeat for $75 but you can buy it on Discogs from between $14-$40. I guess the prices serve to show “how” valuable it might be. Anyway, don’t want to get wrapped up in the price – now I’m gonna go look up some of the artist and listen to the music. Hopefully I’ll stumble across a few of these for a few bucks in the future.

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