New Vinyl

Took a little road trip and picked up several LPs on my “want” list. I really like the Black Lips record, they do a good job holding true to the garage and punk genre without being redundent. It is new and fresh. The Television Personalities are a classic psychedelic post punks; which I was really excited to find a re-issued. 

It is difficult to find Stranglers LPs and I was happy with the two I found, but I really want to find No More Heroes on vinyl. Black and White has some good cuts featuring the work of JJ Burnel on bass and La Folie features the smoother cut Golden Brown repopularized by the movie Snatch.

If you don’t know Terry Reid, think Jimmy Page and Robert Plant all wrapped up in one. That might be a little bit of an overstatement, but the man can sing and play guitar. He was asked to lead the band evolving from the Yardbards into Led Zepplin prior to Robert Plant joining the group. Terry would not give up the guitar to be solely a lead singer. 


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