Episode 01: The Beginning

In this episode we dis­cuss our plans for the show and start off with and exer­cise we call the “Fire Drill“ (pick 5LPs you would grab from your col­lec­tion if you need­ed to aban­don it fast — explain why). Here are the albums we share and dis­cuss.

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  1. Get Back” - Bea­t­les — 1967–70, Cap­i­tal (SEBX-11843)
  2. Thoughts of Mary Jane” — Nick Drake — Five Leaves Left, Antilles (AN-7010)
  3. Alone Again Or” — Love — For­ev­er Changes , Elek­tra (EKS-74013)
  4. Shot Gun Slim” — Dyke and the Blaz­ers — Great­est Hits, Orig­i­nal Sound (OSR LPS 8877)
  5. Thun­der Kiss 65” — White Zom­bie — La Sex­or­cis­to, Gef­fen (GEF-24460)

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  1. Ever­last­ing Light” — The Black Keys,  “Brothers”, none­such,
  2. Big In Japan” and “Come On Up To The House” — Tom Waits — “Mule Vari­a­tion­s”, Anti
  3. Going To Aca­pul­co” — Bob Dylan and the Band, “The Base­ment Tapes”, Colum­bia
  4. Real King” — King Auto­mat­ic — “I Walk My Mur­der­ous Inten­tions Home”, VooDoo Rhythm (VR12365)
  5. Stop That Train” and “I Want To Go To Heav­en” — Broth­er Claude Ely and the Cum­ber­land Four — “The Gospel Ranger”, (King 801)


You can lis­ten to the playlist on 8tracks.


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