Episode 02: Winter

We are heading into the snowy months along the lakes of the north right coast, in this episode we discuss a few albums which prepare us for solitude. We got this one in right before the solstice and the end of times. 

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Wayne –

  1. Brian Eno “Another Green World” – “St. Elmo’s Fire”, (Polydor 2302-069A)
  2. Velvet Underground “Live 1969” – “Pale Blue Eyes”, (Mercury SRM-2-7504)
  3. Sonic Youth “Daydream Nation” – “Teenage Riot”, Enigma (Blast First BFFP34)
  4. Miles Davis “Sketches of Spain” – “Will O’ the Wisp”,  (Columbia CL 1480)

Matt (notes) – There are a lot of records that fit this bill for me. If I had to pick a few, here they are.

  1. Mumford and Son’s ” Winter Wind”
  2. Palace Brothers, self titled, (Drag City)
  3. John Fahey, Days Have Gone By Vol. 6
  4. Townes Van Zandt “Flyin’ Shoes”, (Tomato)
  5. Damien Jurado “Where Shall You Take Me?”, (Secretly Canadian)


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