Recent Digs, 12/13 to 12/16

I was able to do a little digging on my lunch breaks on Thursday and Friday, and some thrifting yesterday and today. The thing that I’m most proud of is that I only spent around $12 on all of these finds! I’m a digger so I don’t mind spending my time getting dirty and dusty to find a good deal. I also don’t mind picking up LPs that have destroyed covers if the record is in good shape. It’s really about the music for me.

On Thursday I hit up a couple of small junk shops that have record bins. Paid 25 cents for two records at one place and $1.00 a piece for a few at another. The latter shop is where I picked up the Guy Warren LP and the Hal Jackson comp. I would love to find a better copy of the Guy Warren record but I think that will be a hard one to hand at a decent price. Sure, this copy is far from perfect with a bunch of pops and crackles but the music is amazing.

On Friday I was able to hit up on of the local Salvation Army stores and a local record chain store. I picked up the Crusaders and the Joe Jackson record there. The most I paid over these last few days for a single record was $3 and that was for the Crusaders. I’m a graphic artist for a billboard company so I couldn’t pass on that great cover of their Unsung Heroes LP. The music is fantastic and funky.

Yesterday, I hit up the same Salvation Army store I hit on Friday and found the Ramsey Lewis, Sergio Mendes and a few others pictured. The Ramsey Lewis was a good find, but the cover is trashed. I’m not sad though ’cause the music is great. I was attracted to Mendes releases because they are earlier releases than the normal psychedelic covered releases that I usually come across. The Walter Wanderely Trio is something that caught me eye, especially since it’s a Verve release. I’ve been getting into some of the 50’s and 60’s jazz/pop/instrumental releases, in particular I’ve been diggin’ the Brazilian and South American influenced stuff. So, this looks like it will fit the bill.

Then today….I hit up one of my favorite Sunday digging spots, which was a good idea. I found the Van McCoy, Marvin Gaye, the Savoy gospel release, the Brubeck LP and Skynyrd as well as a really retro, wire record holder. The problem is I found a whole vein of funk, R&B, soul and hip-hop that was just too trashed to buy. Every time I found a good cover either it was an empty or the record was trashed…I was so sad, but I did score a few cool releases for a good deal.

I look forward to see what the end of 2012 has in store!

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