Springsteen Keynote

I was not sure what to expect from a keynote from the boss. He is a great performer, but could I listen too him for an entire hour? What would he say? I have been a nostalgistic fan of Bruce for many years. As a child I remember my uncle playing Asbury Park as he was prepping for a night out on the town, and then Nebraska the next morning (or around noon).

In the keynote Bruce is witty and is range of musical knowledge is on full display. I really appreciated hearing the description of the genesis moment. The entire keynote is littered with the elements of imagery, metaphor and texture that made Bruce the master songwriter he is. Check out the 17 minute marke for a magical “it all comes from the same place” moment.

Another highlight is the rendition of the Animals We Got to Get Out of This Place, followed by “that’s everything that I’ve done. Thats it. Every song for the past 40 years is in there.” 

In the section discussing the influences of Darkness on the Edge of Town, Bruce shares the impact the punk movement had on his writing. “The Sex Pistols were frightening, which is different from shocking. The shook the earth. It was a very good quality.”

He had this to say on his first exposure as a songwriter in the music industry, “We were all new Dylan’s. I don’t know why they needed a new Dylan, the old Dylan was only 30.”


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