Great Escape Records – Nashville, TN

GreatEscape2015-06-22 13.25.55
Bot­tom Line: Don’t Go Out of the Way
Price: 2/5
Selec­tion: 3/5
Atmos­phere: 2/5

Great Escape Records has four locations around Nashville, Bowling Green and Louisville. For decades the stores have been dealing records, tapes, CDs and books in the area. The store is the standard 80’s-90’s big box music shop style, this particular location had a large quantity of vinyl, but seemed to be more focuses on games and comics. In the general stacks, there were some decent records, but also a lot of common stuff. The bluegrass section was probably my favorite part of the store, I found a few interesting regional artists.

 GreatEscape2015-06-22 13.35.23

They also had a small box (50-80) of “collectable” albums behind the counter. Many of these were Beatles and Zeppelin, and some other interesting stuff. I was happy to find a copy of Hawkwind Space Ritual, the price was good, but not great, about what you would pay on Discogs or eBay. I typically like to buy records in the “wild”, but made a rookie mistake and checked the vinyl and not the sleeve. When I opened the fold out sleeve a few days later, I found it was full of mold and funk. I was a little disappointed to pay top dollar for a record that the resellers didn’t even take the time to clean it up a bit.

I would stop by again, if I was in the area, but won’t go out of the way to make a trip.