The Estate Finds

I recently went out early to check out an estate sale which listed a few records in the ad. My expectations were low, because it is typically difficult to find good LPs at these events. Often major dealers will get in early and scoop up the good stuff and leave the Grass Roots and bad Beach Boys records. This estate is one for my personal record book.

I was surprised by the eclectic nature of the collection, usually I find some “good” stuff and a lot of common filler – Journey, Boston, Rolling Stones, you know the stuff everyone had. This collection had very unique records, many of which I was not familiar with, but based on the quality of albums I knew, I picked up a majority of the records at the sale.

The first album which caught my eye was the Radio BirdmanRadios Appear lp, this is a difficult record to find, and was high on my “want” list. There were a few other pop/punk records I knew, but one I didn’t was the The Birthday Party – which was Nick Cave’s (of the Bad Seed’s) first band. The other prize I quickly noticed was Leonard Cohen’sDeath of a Ladies Man, this was one of 3 Cohen records I did not have. For many years the first bins I would search in a  record store were Waits, Love and Cohen, most of the time they were empty or very high priced. With the said, the Arthur Lee record was a pleasant surprise as well.

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The strength of the collection was Jazz, a genre which I know very little beyond the greats. One person I am aware of is Sun Ra, and one of the first jazz records I noticed was the promo of Angels and Demons at Play. It turns out that these were all really good Jazz albums, after a quick listen the Afro Blues Quintet is my favorite.

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There were also a few soul/funk records in the lot. The best of these is the Bobby Byrd. He worked close with James Brown and sang backing vocal on Sex Machine. This album is solid cover to cover, and to me was like finding a lost James Brown classic. I had not heard this before, but it will now be in constant rotation.

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Some records were from Africa and India, I was hoping to find some good 70’s funk, but they are more on the jazz side. It’s going to take a few more listens to determine how much I like them. I feel like a few songs will really grow on me.

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Along with the soul, rock, punk and jazz, there were a few odd records in the mix – an interesting soundtrack from The Dunwich Horror titled Music of the Devil God Cult, and an lp of Charles Bukowski reading his poetry.

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