The Well…. Again

It has been awhile since I wrote something in this space, and with summer winding down it is a good time to gather up some vinyl, a Pumking and prepare for the fall. I made a stop at a local spot, I like to call the Well – it always seems to produce a few great records at reasonable prices. Yesterday was a good day. I don’t want to divulge too many trade secrets, but I picked up this stack for about the price of a tank of gas.

I’ll start things off with the Beefheart. I have been tempted to spend a decent amount at shows for this record in the past, but held out hope that I would find it in the wild for a good value. It is one of last Beefheart records I really wanted to add to my collection. It is a pretty solid record throughout and has a deconstructed blues feel. This is a perfect original Blue Thumb copy.

2013-09-05 22.13.46

I also found a string of punk-heavy rock-glam classics. The Runaways albums have been avoiding me for a long time, I’m glad to add these to the bins. They are not in perfect shape, but play without a problem. The Richard Hell is a classic punk album. I love it, another Sire masterpiece from 1977. If you are unfamiliar with Richard Hell and the Voidoids, they emerged from the early New York CB GB punk scene with the Ramones, Television, New York Dolls and Dead Boys.

2013-09-05 22.14.42 2013-09-05 22.11.31 2013-09-05 22.12.362013-09-05 22.11.53

Another album I was really stoked to find in this bunch was an original copy to The Soft Machine’s first album. It is complete with die-cut spinning wheel cover and banned image of the female buttocks on the front and inside the gatefold. This is a master work by Kevin Ayers and the group. I had a seventies reissue of this record, but the original artwork and cover design are impressive and great testament to the beauty of vinyl.

2013-09-05 22.12.57

The final block of records I picked out included the best Kool N’ the Gang record,  Wild and Peaceful, before the band just looked to create hooks and disco rhythms; a few jazz-fusion Lps to extend my jazz knowledge, and the last two simply based on the covers. The Rail and High Cotton I knew nothing about, but could not pass them up at $1. I’m pretty sure High Cotton is bad soft southern rock, but you never know until you drop the needle.

2013-09-05 22.13.182013-09-05 22.14.252013-09-05 22.11.132013-09-05 22.13.29 2013-09-05 22.13.10


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