The Well

I went to a spot I’m gonna call “The Well” for the time being, it’s pretty well known in the local community, but I’m not sure I want to put up signs for the world a large. Over the past ten years or so, I have acquired quite a few great records from “The Well”. The price is always reasonable and I never know what I might stumble across. The selection is always changing. Most of the time the records are in the rock genre, but every now and then I find some metal, punk, jazz and soul. Here is what I picked up yesterday.

[nggallery id=13]

This trip provided some pretty unique stuff (Missing Linc, Down in a Coal Mine, Unicorn and Meliah Rage) and a few albums which were in better condition than the copies I currently had (Hendrix and Budgie). I have been close to purchasing the Yardbirds album a few times, this time the price was right – $5. I’m very happy to add it to my collection.

I’m excited to listen to several of these albums, I might need to pick out a few for a podcast episode in the future.


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