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Car Snow

I was on the road for business, so I built in a few stops along the way to look for records in small town Antique and resale stores. I was pleasantly surprised with what I stumbled across along the way. I targeted three shops in little towns I was passing through, and felt a little insane for doing anything to prolong my trip because I left home covered in 10 inches of new snow, but the first stop made me forget about the blizzard I was driving into and focus on flipping through records.




The first antique store had a entire section devoted to vinyl and it was well curated. I picked up the Blues Project, Taj Mahal and the Toots from Memphis records in this shop. They had several other records of interest, but decided to pass based on the price. Overall the store had a lot of quality albums and I plan to return in the future.

Antique 1


The next location had a few hundred records, but most of them were classical, show tunes or country. I did not find anything worth purchasing even though they were only $1 each.

Antique 3

The last stop was probably they most surprising. They had probably a few thousand records to choose from and several more modern LPs. One of my favorites is the Mike Watt pictured below. There was a lot of interesting international music (Fela Kuti), some 90’s Indie rock (Butthole Surfers, Jon Spencer and Mike Watt) and a few interesting psych albums. The records weren’t cheap, but the prices were reasonable for the quality and scarcity of the material. I left a pretty nice stack of “wants”, because my pockets weren’t deep enough on this trip, but I’m extremely happy with what I came away with.

Antique 2

Here are the records I ended picking up on the trip (the Beastie Boys is a new re-issue, purchased at a record store).

[nggallery id=14]

Here are a few that seemed interesting, but I needed to either find out more about the music on the specific album, or they just didn’t make the cut for financial reasons. Hopefully I can make it back someday.

[nggallery id=15]


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